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Personal Projects are simply just that. Rather than being commissioned by a client they are ideas that I have had for photographs that I would like to take (or at least have a go at). They often come from something that I have seen while out and about or have been inspired by other photographers and their work. They could also be related to new services that I am looking to offer.

As a photographer these personal projects are a great way for me to continue learning and thinking of new styles or services that I can offer (They also help to keep me busy and anyone who knows me will tell you that a bored Chris is not a good idea).

The projects may sometimes be just ideas that don’t go any further (could be due to cost, unable to find a location or simply no interest for anyone to go in front of the camera). Others I hope will go on to completion and become a showcase for what can be achieved.

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With most of my personal projects there is one thing in common, I need a willing volunteer to model for me.

This is where you could help. I need models…

Each project idea that I have I will be posting here and on my blog. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the projects simply complete the contact form below.

For some projects I may have a certain look that I am going for or for others they will be open for anyone to get involved. There may also be some where locations need to be booked or deadlines need to be met. All of this information will be on each individual project post.

In return for your help you will receive digital copies of all edited images which you can print, share or just leave sat on your computer.


Q – What will the images be used for?

For information on the photographs will be used please click here: IMAGE USE

Q – Are there any restrictions on who can sign up?

Technically there are no restrictions on who can sign up. However each request may have it’s own requirements on the look that I am aiming to achieve.

Anyone under 18 will need permission from an adult and will need to be accompanied by an adult during the shoot. The adult must also be able to sign the model release (e.g. parent or legal guardian).

Q – Can I have extra photographs taken?

No, you would not be able to have other photographs done (e.g. family photographs). These requests are just for my own projects and would be under direction.

You will receive digital copies of all edited photographs though.

If you would like family photographs taken you would need to book a photography session.


If you are interested in getting involved please complete the form below and I will be in touch.


No I’m not talking about that lost sock (but while I’m on that subject why is it only the left sock that goes missing?).

That ideal project for you must be in here somewhere. If not I regularly post new ideas so keep checking back.

If you find something that you are interested in please use the form in the post to let me know and I will be in touch.

Happy searching…



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The primary reason for my personal projects is so that I can satisfy my desire to improve as a photographer, to be creative and try new ideas.

To monitor my improvement I regularly enter industry competitions (mainly with The Societies and The Guild of Photographers) and the images will be used in these competitions which will mean that they may be shown publicly.

As you could appreciate some projects will also need a bit of investment to pay for any props etc. To help with this I may also use photographs in my stock photography portfolio. My stock portfolio is only held with the main agencies and ones who’s name you may already recognise (Adobe, Getty Images, Shutterstock and Alamy).

To enable me to use your images in this way a Model Release will need to be signed for each session.