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Buckinghamshire Family Photographer | High Wycombe | Aylesbury | Maidenhead | Slough

I often get asked what I would like to do as a photographer and as I started to write my photography bucket list I realised it’s not that easy. Should they be related to work, or for personal projects? In the end I decided on both.

If you see anything on the list that you think you could help with give me a shout ( It would be great to get some things ticked off… could do with the space to add some more.



  1. Photograph Iceland or Greenland (or anywhere else cold)
  2. Get a photo on the cover of a magazine (I have had a cover image on a charity magazine)
  3. Get a photo on a billboard
  4. Complete a charity project (I have an idea for one for Alzheimer’s or Dementia, also homeless would be good only not where I lived on the streets)
  5. Go on a week long road/photo trip and make a photo book of the adventure (done this on my own but think it needs to be with other people)
  6. Get 1,000 likes for a photograph on Facebook
  7. Become qualified as a photographer (still working on this as it’s harder than it seems)
  8. Teach a photography basics class (still working on this idea)
  9. Get a gallery showing my work in an art gallery (I have done my own exhibition but not been commissioned by anyone)
  10. Photograph the entire coast of Cornwall (I would say the UK but that is a LOT of walking)
  11. Sell out on a limited edition print (I would need to start selling limited edition prints first)
  12. Take a photo that is beautiful enough that it makes someone cry (If they have they haven’t told me)
  13. Print one my photos, get it beautifully framed, and put it above the mantle in my home (I would need a home with a mantlepiece first)
  14. Complete a 365 project (started but never finished)
  15. Get 1,000 followers on Facebook (so far, I’m on 342)
  16. Photograph one of the Scottish Isle’s (never been to Scotland so could be fun)
  17. Get a Gold standard award with one of my photographs (Bronze so far so getting there)
  18. Sell a fine art photo of someone (I have never tried fine art work but I am tempted by the idea)
  19. Print a photo larger than life (I would need somewhere to put it)
  20. Own a studio in the country (I like the rustic look)